Services Overview

We have quite a number of applications and services that make up our service offering. Each service has it's own web site, information and pricing. Although you will notice that we have many services and tools that you can access for free.

The areas which we believe that we excel in, is in email authentication and delivery, eDM campaign management for Franchise Organisations and email domain reputation management.

Authenticated Campaign Management

Our largest and most flexible application has the latest email delivery and reputation management tools and covers every campaign management feature a single operator or global business could need

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eDM Agency

From just $80 per month, we create & send email campaigns

Can't find the time to campaign properly? Perhaps we can take the technical production tasks off your hands so that you can concentrate on content and other digtal tasks. From $80 per campaign you can't find better value anywhere.

Easy to use and easy to deploy, everything you come to expect from Zulu products for complex. We can have you up and running in minutes with our partner driven content.

We have delivered millions of courses to millions of people.

Franchise Success 5im/month

Using Zulu eDM Franchise Campaign Manager, your Franchisees can execute their Local Area Marketing Tasks in just 5 minutes giving them more time and helping your Franchise engagemet in a brand and email positive way

This is our flagship product, it is en enterprise grade email campaign management platform that that you can sign-up for a FREE account and scales as you required it to.

We felt that the broader market wasn’t being served properly (of course, why else). Learning, organisational learning and general education software was just too clunky and expensive or at the low end price bracket it is horrible to use. So we split the middle. How? Well we’re not sure that any software that is found in our market segment comes free nor is as easy to use and deploy courses and safety training. Sure we do charge at some point to use the software however we encourage all organizations to take up our free plan to get started. Check out our web site.

We have seen so many Agencies and Organizations that do not understand how to effectively electronic direct market that we launched our own Agency. Extensive systems and processes go into eDM we decided to create a globally competitive service where our team in Australia, Costa Rica and India is able to service requests from anywhere around the World. What’s more, we have created world class electronic direct marketing systems and process so that organizations of any size can use our services to get the best results possible from their marketing database. Check out our web site.