Our Brand

The Zulu tribe is the most successful was the most feared tribe in Africa. We did not create the branding purely by design we have evolved the concept and feel it is a symbolic and strong brand.

Zulu Labs FULL Logo & Shaka

“Software for Business Warriors” is our slogan. Meaningful outcomes for our customers (business warriors) are the focus of the software and services that we develop and provide.

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Zulu eDM Campaign Manager & Email Gateway

For Zulu eDM we used Shaka with his spear which represents the targeting of the platform with him viewing the campaign on his mobile device. The slogan, Target anyone, anywhere encapsulates what the product allows users to achieve.

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Trusted Sender Network

authenticated trusted sender Zulu Trusted Sender provides a free email trust verification program and so placing Shaka behind his shield was an obvious choice. He stands tall and trustworthy.

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Zulu eLearning

For Zulu eLearning we created Shaka with glasses, a Mortar, certificate and mobile device. This adds brand familiarity to the product and also creates a sense of interest as to how we can dress up the core masthead.

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The eDM Factory

This brand is our first departure from using Zulu and Shaka. Our primary reason was that this is a services only brand. We service electronic direct marketing campaign needs (using Zulu eDM) for clients that simply can't get to regular campaigning want more sophisticated engagement strategies executed. We used the term Factory to liken our systems and processes to that of a manufacturing plant or factory. For $80 we compiled and execute a campaign each month with reporting and advice, all with the quality and consistency of a factory

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