Cyber Security

Cyber Security is paramount for all organizations to ensure their business activities may continue uninterupted when subject to a cyber security attack. Email domain security is now more important than ever given most cyber security attacks are initiated from a spooof, phishing or malware business email compromise attack.

One in eight emails is a fraud; it effects every email user, personal safety and business effectiveness.
Approximately 92% of successful attacks staretd from a BEC, spoof or phishing email atatck
Other initial breaches

Email Domain Security

Almost evey cyber security and email security solution acts like a shield to fend off cyber security attacks however often these fail due to human intervention or error as well as clever disguising of malicious emails designed to fool the recipient into action.

What is the percentage of domains configure to be trusted and protect email users from email related cyber security attacks?

Our World leading research of more than 65470 domains shows us that 4.7% of domain owners have tried to secure their domains using the compliant Email Authentication protocols. 3.1% of the total domains survey we would consider to be safe in terms of their domain being protected from being used in a cyber attack and having configured the minimum require email configuration settings as well as some degree of protection for users and subscribers of their services.

Only 0.015% have taken the steps to secure their domain against a cyber security attack in addition to providing the protective measures for their staff, customers and general email users.

What can be done to prevent these cyber security outcomes?

Zulu Trusted Sender & Trusted Sender Network has addressed the risks that stem from cyber security attacks using malicious email by using a multi faceted approach that combines clever and innovative software that help to secure a domain and give visibility to domain owners, staff within an organization and general email users for the prevention of successful cyber security attacks.

Our World leading and innovative solution has factored in email receiving, email sending, legal risk, domain risk and email best proactices to provide a low cost software and business methodology for organizations of any size.