About Us

Zulu Labs Inc is a privately owned email service provider and cyber email security software company. We focus on creating innovative and sustainable applications. Zulu Labs Inc operates the first DMARC only authenticated email network and email delivery service, having started the transition in 2016 from a common email solution to the world’s leading DMARC implemented client network that is accompanied by unprecedented research into how email authentication effects the deliverability and reputation of an email domain.

The company was founded in July 2011 by co-founders Greg Riebe and David Barnes. The founders created an organization that reflects their high ethical standards and sustainable business practices. The organization is made up of a group of companies incorporated in various parts of the World. Each company is owned and controlled by Zulu Labs Inc (WY).

David Barnes is the company President and CEO. David is a software engineer that holds an MBA and various other academic achievements. Most recently David has been responsible for defining the topic, electronic direct marketing (eDM), which is widely used as a term and the definition has been adopted by many organizations, including giant technology firm ACER. David was the first person to SPOOF the email authtentication protocol DMARC in 2016 and subsequently defined the phrase DMARC Compliance which is now being used by industry peers such as Mimecast. David also wrote the algorithm for DMARC Compliance which he published and made available for free on Github on May 18, 2018.

The founders of Zulu Labs, having been to South Africa on multiple occasions and having had business interests there previously, felt that the name Zulu combined with the word Labs, which represents our core business of research and development would make for a very respectful and rewarding company name and brand. The company name, tagline, branding and mascot was symbolised around the Zulu Tribe and their most renowned leader, Shaka Zulu. The Zulu is the largest and most revered tribes in Southern Africa. Chief Shaka Zulu was famous for uniting many smaller tribes into the one big tribe, the Zulu, and then defeating the British Army in a battle which was the first defeat in history of the British Army, when invading and colonising foreign lands, by the indigenous inhabitants.

For us Shaka Zulu and the Zulu Nation stand for strength, a reminder that a fight against oppression whilst won and lost in those formative years, was to finally succeed when, arguably the greatest leader of our time, Nelson Mandela, continued his fight to free is his people, his tribe.

To make our mascot "Shaka" slightly less fearsome and a little more friendly and approachable, we softened him a little with a smile, but he still represents everything that we aspire to be achieve.

As an employer we have never seen color, disability or gender when it comes to employment. We have always wanted our company to be a place where we enjoy working and being actively involved. This could never be if inequality existed. Our colleagues are our tribe and we welcome you all. If you would like to join our tribe please make contact via LinkedIn. Zulu Tribe Members are culturally and ethnically diverse. What's important to us is that new tribe members fit our values, our ubuntu (culture) as well as having an outcomes based approach to tasks and problems that are there to be solved.