We have Rebranded – Zulu eLearning version 2.9.13 is now live!

You probably know the Zulu Labs eLearning software as Proficiency Now! Well we are very proud to announce that we have rebranded Proficiency Now to Zulu eLearning. Other than a new funky logo that aligns the product with our brand we have introduced World class online support processes and far more enhanced client communications using our new blog and twitter feed. So this is what we need you to know: Our new website and blog is www.zuluelearning.com. Here you will see:
  • New Blog items relating to functions and features
  • New Blog items talking about how we have just helped our customers achieve an outcome
  • Links to our support knowledge base support.zululabs.com
  • A twitter feed from Zulu Labs that contains the latest information about both our products
Of course we have launched live support for all Zulu eLearning software accounts. When we are online you will see the following logo at the top of your screen…. support Finally and most importantly access to your system is changed. You used to access your system this way:
  • account.proficiencynow.com.au or admin.account.proficiencynow.com.au
Now simply change your bookmarks to:
  • account.zuluelearning.com or admin.account.zuluelearning.com
We hope you enjoy our new support systems and new brand. If you would like more info on this upgrade then please give Rowan a call on 1300 851 557.

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