User Registration options in Zulu eLearning

Zulu eLearning offers a number of different registration options. They are as follows:


1. Users register themselves

The user will enter the system via and be directed to the registration section. Once the user enters the required fields (as set by the system administrator) they will either enter the system automatically or a confirmation email will be sent to a system administrator in which case the user will not be able to proceed until confirmation is given. Upon confirmation a message is sent to the user informing them that they can proceed with their training.

2. Users are uploaded into the system via a database.

As mentioned previously, users can be uploaded in batches. It is preferred that all known users are uploaded prior to going live however new batches can be uploaded to a live system upon request. Typically data uploads occur within 24 hours of receipt. Zulu Labs can automatically generate usernames and passwords for all users. Zulu Labs can also send an email to all batch users informing them of their login details if requested.

This process negates the need for users to self-register, all they need to do is go to and enter their login details. Once logged in the user can change their password via the ‘My Profile’ section.

It is essential that the user database is setup correctly with all field data uniform across the entire list. It is recommended that you have your database setup as a ‘.csv’ file and with individual fields, for example:

First Name; Last Name; Email Address; Phone Number; Username; Password; Address Line 1; Address Line 2; Suburb; State; Postcode; Country; Site; Position.

The above fields are just examples of fields that you may require – we only require the fields marked in bold.


3. Users are registered by an Administrator

Administrators can manually register users via the admin interface ( In doing this they also negate the need for the user to register themselves. Users can only be registered one at a time if done this way. Multiple user registrations need to be sent as ‘.csv’ file to 

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