Client Testimonials

“We use Zulu eLearning to streamline our induction program, our staff and contractors find it really easy to register, login and start their training.”“Our many system administrators can easily check staff training records and keep the content up to date. – Pacifico (Continuous Improvement Manager)
“Zulu eLearning enables us to conduct online training and inductions for all of our staff and contractors throughout Australia.”“We love the flexibility it gives us to cover many of our internal training needs. The system has evolved and improved as our requirements have grown.” – Anthony (Safety & Quality Manager)
“We have been using Zulu eLearning for the past year and what a product! It gives our group the flexibility to develop and publish training with a minimum of fuss. The team at Zulu Labs are always happy to discuss future de-velopments and are more than helpful. As a group of companies with offices all across Australia, our staff find training on Zulu eLearning rewarding.”“To quote one of our staff it’s like driving a Porsche… fast and fun.” – Andy (People & Performance Manager)
“Our staff and managers love the flexibility and simplicity of the system. As the system administrator, the information provided in the dashboard and reports is excellent. The back end is easy to use and navigate” – Pam (OSH Coordinator)
“We now have a user friendly eLearning platform and all the support anyone could ask for””I highly recommend Zulu eLearning to anyone wanting a fully supported eLearning platform…”“It’s a fantastic product and has made delivering and managing our training so much easier.” – Julie (Communications Director)
“I want to thank everyone at Zulu eLearning for the superlative service you have given us this year. It has truly been outstanding and I’m very happy we are working with you.” – Kate (Director)
“We love Platform Direct. We’ve only been with them for 3 months but already it’s made a huge impact to our customer engagement and business development. It’s simple – if you want to easily build your business then you need these guys!” – RT (Owner)
“We are VERY lucky to have Platform Direct’s help with all of our email marketing, newsletters & blogs. We have now been doing regular e-newsletters for the past 18 months & this has generated a lot of extra income for the business. All we do is write the content & send the images & they coordinate the rest. Platform Direct handles all aspects of our campaigning for us including building the email newsletter/template, co-ordinating the send, updating any unsubscribers & then follows it all up by sending through the reporting/stats for the campaign. They are always available via phone & email to answer any questions & assist us every step of the way. We could not be happier” – MK (Owner)
“The team at Platform Direct are always very helpful and easy to work with. We find our newsletters are easy and efficient and it’s great that we can track responses.” – SP (Marketing Manager)
“Platform Direct has been so helpful setting up our eNewsletters. It only takes one meeting and before you know it, they’ve got it all set up. They are so responsive and supportive that it has made our campaigns a breeze. Fantastic!” – SK (Marketing Manager)
“Platform Direct is just super – it makes our life so much easier with regards to collecting and collating information on various projects.” – JR (Communications Director)

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