Course & Module prerequisite upgrade

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Zulu eLearning (2.9.14 for those counting at home). In this latest version we have a couple of really cool features which allow you to set prerequisites for courses and modules. But what does that mean I hear you say? Quite simply, you now have the ability to set the rule that before a user can start a particular course, they must first complete another specified course. The same is possible for Modules within a Course. Well the first thing you will notice when you’re creating or editing a course is that you now have a few extra options to play with, these are shown to you below. conditional course To activate the Course prerequisite feature for a specific course you must select Conditional Course = Yes Once you do this a list of active courses will appear from which you can select only one course – this is the course that the user must complete in order to begin the course your are creating/editing. If you want to create multiple prerequisite courses then you simply replicate this process on the other courses. Finally, enforcing module order does exactly what it says, it means that if you have a course that contains multiple modules then the user will only be able to attempt one module at a time in the particular order that you set when you attach the appropriate modules to your course.

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