Brand New Features

Last week we launched our most recent upgrade to the Platform Direct eDM system. The upgrade included two items we hope you’ll find incredibly useful. Now they are premium features so you will need a Platform direct Plus account to access them. We have developed a campaign planner so that you can view all campaigns scheduled to be sent, sent or unsent (still being created) from the one screen. If you would like more information on the Campaign Planner, view the knowledgebase article here. We have also created a workflow process that can be used within your account. It is perfect for working with teams when you need approval from one or multiple parties before the communication is delivered. You can specify which eDM’s require approval before they are delivered to your audience. Read more about the workflow process here. If you have any questions about these new features or would like to upgrade your account to get access to these new features please call us on 1300 851 557.  

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