Another happy customer…Resending an email to different contacts

We had a client ask today how to resend an email to another group of contacts. Well to be clear, they had a few soft bounces from their last eDM campaign and they had updated them to ensure they weren’t missing any opportunities. They then wanted to resend the email out to these added opportunities but not to all the contacts the received the previous email. We sent them to this support item in our online knowledgebase to help. We’ve also had a few questions about the ‘resend’ button in the campaign listing screen – some people were worried that pressing it will send the campaign out immediately to everyone they just sent it to. This is not the case! it will take you to the ‘select recipients’ screen so you can either; modify your content or change who you sent it to. We added a support item to help with this and we are also going to update the wording on this screen so that it’s easier to understand.

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