About Us

Zulu Labs is a software research and development company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. At Zulu Labs we are focused on producing and supporting our world class eLearning and electronic direct marketing (eDM) products. Our team is spread out across the Asia Pacific and Latin America because we believe that a Zulu Tribe Member can come from any part of the globe as long as they fit our unique culture and outcomes based approach. In our eyes there are millions of organisations that need software to perform sophisticated tasks in a simple way. Simplicity within a software product needs to be presented to a business warrior without compromising function or quality.

Zulu eLearning

We felt that the broader market wasn’t being served properly (of course, why else). Learning, organisational learning and general education software was just too clunky and expensive or at the low end price bracket it is horrible to use. So we split the middle. How? Well we’re not sure that any software that is found in our market segment comes free nor is as easy to use and deploy courses and safety training. Sure we do charge at some point to use the software however we encourage all organizations to take up our free plan  to get started. Check out our web site.

Zulu eDM

This is our flagship product, it began as an enterprise email & SMS marketing platform that is now an enterprise eDM platform that you can sign-up for FREE and scales into enterprise functionality. Why electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)? That’s a simple, our co-founder, David Barnes (our Chief) has a passion for helping organizations to centralize the marketing and communication process on a one-2 one basis. He believes that there is too much waste when it comes to marketing communications and the best way to solve the problem is to have an on demand platform that becomes the nerve center of communications. Check out our web site. We find too many organizations just e-blast using which ever tool they find the easiest and so the World of SPAM and un-targeted and useless communications has been created and still exists today. Providing timely and relevant communications to your subscribers and customers is essential however eDM performed correctly takes time, analysis, great content and of course a centralized platform. We have seen so many Agencies and Organizations that do not understand how to effectively electronic direct market that we launched our own Agency. Extensive systems and processes go into eDM we decided to create a globally competitive service where our team in Australia, Costa Rica and India is able to service requests from anywhere around the World. What’s more, we have created world class electronic direct marketing  systems and process so that organizations of any size can use our services to get the best results possible from their marketing database. Check out our web site.

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